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Become A Beincert Authorized Test Center

Beincert, is an Independent, International Association that provides a wide variety of internationally recognized Certificates. Being in this industry for a long time now, we completely understand the need of training and testing. We believe in delivering Quality and Reliability through our Certifications that assure not only an individual’s growth but growth of an organization too by having and retaining such skilled employees. Beincert Certifications ensure providing the required skills to its candidates that assists them in completion of diverse projects.

Our mission includes supporting a sustainable growth of innovative companies by maintaining an enormous network. Our goal is to provide a platform that brings all the professionals and organizations involved in fostering great projects together under one roof.

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Become A Beincert Authorized Test Center

To Join Our Authorized Network, Follow These 3 Steps:

  • Apply– Read the technical/facility requirements, then apply online.
  • Sign – We evaluate your application, then send a contract and other forms.
  • Train – Finally, your Test Administrator must pass an open-book certification test.