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We provide along side for our community Certifications to be acknowledged in the field. to be an international Quantum GIS Expert Apply for the certifications

Quantum GIS Developer

Learn how to use Python Programming Language within QGIS. Read and understand QGIS API and Qt API to...

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Web Mapping Specialist

Explain the potential of the Internet for the GIS ; Allow people wishing to put their GIS on the int...

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Quantum GIS Analyst

Understand the notion of database: to understand the interest and basic fundamentals of databases (S...

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Quantum GIS USER

Understand the basic concepts of GIS Raster, vector, projections, geoprocessing and analysis. Us...

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Say hello to the new QGIS plugin

Adding beautiful maps that fit your needs is now straightforward with MapTiler plugin for QGIS. You can select one of the predefined map styles, load custom maps and use geodata hosted on a global inf...

How to install QGIS 3 on Ubuntu

The last days I was asked a lot, how and where to install the new QGIS 3. Until now there are no Windows binaries available (as far as I know…). But you can install and run QGIS 3.0 on Linux. If you...

QGIS 3.0 released!

The waiting is over! QGIS 3.0 is officially out.Compared to QGIS 2.x, there are substantial changes under the hood of the popular GIS. For example QGIS now works with Python 3 and Qt 5.One of the bigg...

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You can take QGIS exam online on this website or in our test centers and get an accredited certification by QGIS organization.

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